Religion and Philosophy

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We look at the controversial Gnostic Gospels and the story of a buried Christianity.

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Karen King tells Anne Strainchamps that there are many early Christian texts that didn't make it into the Bible.

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The Reduced Shakespeare Company perform an even further abridged version of their theatrical show "The Bible: The Complete Word of God" - abridged.


Garry Wills tells Jim Fleming that we know very little about the historical Jesus and that it doesn't matter because faith does not depend on historical facts.

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Renowned biologist E.O. Wilson talks with Steve Paulson about the difficulty of reconciling science and religion.


We talk with E.O. Wilson about the growing rift between science and religion. We'll also get a very different take on religious belief from historian Garry Wills, author of "What Jesus Meant."


What's the big idea? Well, it turns out there are three of them...the soul, Europe and the experiment. Those are the three big ideas that Peter Watson uses to focus his history of ideas. In this hour of To The Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk about the history of ideas...from fire to Freud.

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Our producer Charles Monroe-Kane has a passion for ravens.  The raven has meaning for him from legend and art, to the point where he’s had one tattooed on his forearm.


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