Joy and peace, high up on Dog Mountain

Stained glass in the chapel on Dog Mountain

Stained glass in the chapel on Dog Mountain. Steve Paulson (TTBOOK)

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If you are now or have ever been a dog lover, there’s a place you need to go — Dog Mountain in Northern Vermont. 150 acres of hills, trails, and ponds, where leashes are optional. There’s an agility course, a dog chapel for memorializing lost pets, and an annual summer dog party.  

Dog Mountain was created by Stephen Huneck and his wife Gwen. Stephen was a self-taught folk artist who spent much of his life painting and drawing and carving dogs – the gallery’s full of his trademark woodcuts of black labs and golden retrievers chasing balls, sitting under beach umbrellas, sleeping in hammocks, and flying like angels with wings. 

He and his wife created the tradition of dog parties – after their deaths, the Friends of Dog Mountain formed to keep it going.

Anne, Steve and their pup Alfie attended the most recent celebration to see what it was all about.