How taking microdoses of LSD for a month helped her find a calm she hadn’t known for years.

Black hole

Psychedelic drugs show remarkable promise for treating addiction and end-of-life anxiety.

deep blue

Katherine MacLean describes her work as a skilled guide to a psychedelic trip. 

trippy mountain

Desperate for help with his PTSD, Dan Kasza took a strange brew of frog venom and ayahuasca.

the face of god

Can psychedelics help you find God? Clinical psychologist Bill Richards thinks so. 

Audience at Love+Evolution

We're asking listeners to show us what brings love into their lives. Share yours on Instagram by tagging it #TTBOOK.

The Majestic Theater in Madison

What can science reveal about lust, romance, and compassion?

Carin Bondar

Biologist Carin Bondar has devoted her career to exploring the myriad ways animals mate in the wild, and shared a few of the ingenious ways animals find each other, breed, and rear offspring.


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