In The Company Of Wolves

Wolf in Yellowstone

Jim Peaco, NPS (CC0)

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January 27, 2018

While their domesticated cousins sleep on our beds, Congress debates wild wolves’ survival. This hour, we’ll explore our complicated relationship with our canine cousins, and the feelings they evoke – fear, hatred, and also love. 

Anne interviews Rick McIntyre during a wolf watching session.
Photo Gallery

Wolf biologist Rick McIntyre took a moment from his own wolf watching to explain the lives of Yellowstone wolves, one he's observed first hand almost every day for 22 years.

Coyote in Yellowstone

Unlike their canine relatives, coyotes have thrived in the U.S. Despite having been hunted just as intensely as wolves, coyotes have survived.  Somehow, coyotes just spread, everywhere. Dan Flores told Steve Paulson how.  

The thoroughly domesticated dog

Merrill Markoe loves dogs. She’s written two novels and many comic essays about our furry friends. Doug Gordon sat down to talk with her about how dogs became our besties.  

Monster Dogs

Kirsten Bakis first wrote her story of biomechanically-enhanced, hyper-intelligent dogs 20 years ago, and it’s been a cult favorite ever since. So why create a post-modern Frankenstein story with dogs at the heart of the tale?



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Rick McIntryre
Wolf biologist, Yellowstone National Park
Dan Flores
Author, Historian
Merrill Markoe with dog
Author, Screenwriter, Comedy Writer
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August 08, 2022