hall of mirrors

The central question of Philip K. Dick's fiction is "What is reality?" Literary critic Umberto Rossi explains that Dick's work often contains many possible realities.

Person walks in front of light wall.

Is this Philip K. Dick's world and are we just living in it? It sure seems like it these days. This hour, we explore his life and work. 

president ghost

A ghost story for the election season from listener Eric Van Vleet.

demon lake

Listener Sophia Derbes sent us this ghost story about a boy, a girl and the divide between them.

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni reads her poem, "For Saundra."

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni reads "Poem for Lady Whose Voice I Like"

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni reads Untitled (For Margaret Danner).


How does a suburban dad with three kids find meaning in Thoreau's "Walden"?   Tom Fate says Thoreau helps us examine a basic question:  How much is enough?


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